Eye Care Tips

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Good eye habits include correct eye posture, using eyes in a well-lit environment, and avoiding using eyes for a long time.Hot application of eyes can not only promote the blood circulation of the eyes, but also help to restore the function of meibomian gland, and improve the dryness and itching of eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. Regular eye massage and eye exercises are very useful for eye protection, which can effectively prevent and relieve dry eyes and also help to improve myopia. Eat more foods containing vitamins. Vitamins are an important nutritional element to ensure eye health, and have the effect of nourishing liver and improving eyesight. Reading or watching the computer for a long time, looking into the distance for a while, can relieve visual fatigue. When you are tired, you can straighten your arms, erect a finger in front of you, look at this finger with both eyes, and then look at an object a few meters away. Repeat several times, which can effectively relieve your visual fatigue.

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