Frames for Your Face Shape

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Types of picture frames

According to the style of frames, they can be divided into full frame, half frame, frameless frame and folding frame. Full frame refers to a complete frame edge; Half frame refers to using a thin nylon thread as the lower half frame edge; Frameless means borderless; The folding rack is foldable and is often used for portable reading glasses. According to the style, people most often choose full-frame, half-frame and frameless frames. The whole frame has the characteristics of strong decorative sense, shielding of peripheral light, protecting the lens and covering the thickness of the lens. Half-frame or frameless frames have the characteristics of wide field of vision, weak presence of glasses, poor stability, too high refractive power, slotted lenses at the lower edge of half-frame, and too thin lens edges.

Frames for Your Face Shape

Square face gives people a stiff feeling. Choosing round glasses with small frames can make them look cute and distinctive. Egg-face chooses the popular metal edge, with a little black pattern in the middle of the border, and glasses with metal frames around it are more ideal. For people with long faces, the ideal eyeglass frame is a black eyeglass frame. Visually, the face will feel thinner. Wearing a gold-rimmed eyeglass frame gives people the impression that their eyes are dull and lifeless. Wide-faced, double-chin friends, choose glasses frame, narrow glasses frame, especially light glasses frame. Don't wear glasses with big frames, which will give people the feeling that their faces take up too much space.

Articles used to improve eyesight, protect eyes or for decorative purposes

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