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The new glasses are uncomfortable, what should I do?

Is it feasible to keep the lens and change the frame?

Should glasses have enough degrees?

What kind of frame is deformed? How to adjust?

How to clean glasses?

What kind of optical shops are qualified?What is the pupil? 

How to consider pupil height is the most professional practice?

Anisometropia (big difference between eyes), how to get glasses? 

Do you wear it for a long time?

How to convert the degree of contact lenses?

How to fit multifocal lenses?From a technical point of view, how to choose a frame?

How to choose a frame for high myopia?

What data do I need for online glasses?

Adult, why does the degree go up?

How to measure your new glasses processing data accurately?

What are the disadvantages of glasses?

How to judge the authenticity of lenses?

Articles used to improve eyesight, protect eyes or for decorative purposes

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