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Virtual glasses try-on system is a software dedicated to customer service. Its purpose is to enable customers to find glasses products that are most suitable for their face, skin color and temperament as quickly as possible. Through this software, we can enter all glasses in the store into the product library for customers to choose for themselves. The software can show the effects of various glasses on customers' faces at a glance, and show them to customers according to the completely true size ratio, and can be displayed in various arrangement ways, which is convenient for customers to quickly select products.

Software features are easy to use

The operation is simple, a large number of glasses try-on effects are displayed at the same time, and browsing of product try-on effects is accelerated;

Large, medium, small, floating magnification, extra-large (big-headed sticker), panorama and other zoom sizes, which are convenient for users to gradually refine and understand the products layer by layer;

Support single addition and batch import of glasses, which is convenient for the store to add new glasses;

There are no special requirements for the shooting of glasses, as long as the front photos are clear.

Articles used to improve eyesight, protect eyes or for decorative purposes

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